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Application settings being saved in the layer(registry)

Created: 18 Jun 2013 | 8 comments


I packaged one application and I found out that settings are being saved here in the registry: HKLM\layer_number\HU\sid_number\SOFTWARE\....

The problem is that when user logs off and logs back the settings are gone and the layer_number and sid_number are different every time for every user so I cant exclude it globaly. Why are these setting being saved to the layer and not to local computer? Is there any way how to exclude this from the layer so settings would stay saved?

We are using Symantec Virtual Composer 6.1 SP8 to create packages and Symantec Streaming Agent 6.1 SP8 to stream them down.

Thank you.

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You have not mentioned which application you have packaged, so we cannot fall back on any experience of the application in question.

However, have you checked on a non-virtualised install to see where user specific information is being stored?  If it is also under HKLM then you are going to have to ensure that user security settings are modified to give them write access to this area, as HKLM is read only for non-admin users.

I'm assuming that the SID number is the same as the user's SID under HK_Users, so will indeed be different for every user.

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If the user launch the virtual application and it creates or changes (existing value) under the users HKCU registry it will be stored in the RW sub-layer under the user's SID (virtual) registry hive.

If it's gone in the same user's registry hive after the user logout/login then you may have either excluded an file-extension or ticked the "stay in layer" (sorry, can't recall the name of the settings) option/property for the virtual (application) layer.

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Just to help AngelD with the correct setting name which is being reffered in his comment "Keep file changes in the layer". By this way, Layers save only the changes from the processes that exist within the layer. If the registry value under HKU is written by the process that exist within the layer then this might be a good option to choose.

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Thanks guys for all your responses. I found out that there were some default settings stored in registry in writable and every time user log off and log back in users' settings were overwritten with these dafaults. So i just simply deleted them and everything is working fine now. Thanks 

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Also, if you wanted to dynamically apply, revoke and lockdown layer's application settings, you might want to check this out. It's a video of PolicyPak working alongside SWV:

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Looks pretty nice Jeremy!

I checked out the video but do you have any info how it works and how to create your own application policy UI?

I really would like to have some more information regarding the working behind it :)


Jeremy Moskowitz MVP's picture

We have a client side piece that handles all the work making the connection from GP to the SWV layer.

So all you need to do is create the GPO, use a preconfigured Pak (or create your own) and it .. just works with SWV (and native-installed apps, and also other virtualized apps from other vendors too.)

We have all our videos here:

And the specific section in creating your own Paks is:

For more PolicyPak questions, though.. head over to the PolicyPak forums, and we'll pick it up over there, cool?

Thanks !

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Thanks Jeremy, I'll make sure to check it out!