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Application stays on machine(Symantec Workspace Streaming)

Created: 15 Jul 2013 • Updated: 15 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi everybody.

I just builded a testing environment for Symantec Streaming. And there is no problem regarding distribution applications to the desktops. But when i unload the streamed application, i thougt that it automatically was removed from the client as well.

Is there a smart way of removing the applications, ex. when im upgrading Oracle Java client, i want the old one to "disappear" automatically.

i hope you understand the question.

BTW, im runinng Symantec Workspace Streaming

Version: 6.1 SP8
Build Number:

- Jørn

Operating Systems:

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ksreek's picture

Seems like the following option MIGHT help solve your use case. Try it !

Search the user group for whom you want to retire the applications (Under Provisioning > User Group) . Select the desired user group and click on "Provisions' . It will display all the package provisions for that user group.

Now expand a package and then click on 'Settings'.This will give you an option to configure "Expiry" with a check box "Uninstall Application on Expiry" for that specific package.  Once saved this setting is pushed to the clients. Once the expiry is reached the Streaming client will kill all the active sessions and uninstall the software from the streaming cache regardless of server connectivity.

NOTE : Enable the checkbox "Uninstall Application on Expiry" when you set the Expiry. Otherwise the application will expire but still the package remains in the cache.

Hope this helps.

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Than you very much.

I had hoped for a better way to solve this. It would be nice that when you removed the association of the streamed package  then it disappeared from the client automatically,

- Jørn