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Application still showing in report lists when removed from streaming server

Created: 11 Apr 2012 | 2 comments
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When I remove (delete) and application from the streaming server, it goes away from the package list.

But it still shows up on the different report lists where you can select a application and view for example provisions on the application.

As far as I can see in the database tables, the application is removed from as_package but no from as_rep_package table when you delete an application.

This gives me 2 issues.

1. The application is still showing up in the reports select lists, even though the application is not on the system anymore.

2. When I want to upload a new package with same name / guid it will use the "old/deleted" applications settings for OS support.

Are there any way to remove deleted applications completely from the system/database?

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The 'rep' in as_rep_package stands for reporting.  The reporting tables contain  historic data allowing to you continue to report on previous packages that have since been removed. 

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That's what I thought.

Are there any way to remove them from the console, or do I have to delete the rows directly in the database?.

If the last option, are there other places then as_rep_package I have to delete items from?.

We do no want to collect information about previous packages in the system, only current packages.

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