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Application uploading stuck on Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP4

Created: 08 Jun 2012 | 1 comment

Hi All!

I'm failry new to the Workspace Streaming, and so far everything has been painless, however I recently got an issue that I wasn't able to find documentation or previous experiences for (maybe not looking on the right place):

After capturing an appstream package using snapshot comparison for an application containing several msi's, I uploaded to my appstream server, but when checking the package server view, it's stuck on "Loading to Server" with a yellow light on the Current status indicator. I can Enable, Disable, Unload, delete, reupload, but nothing will remove that status. I thought it may had to do with too much information on the startup block so I went back to my package and resetted the startup blocks, then skipped them entirely. When trying to upload again, BAM! the same error.

Any Idea why could this be happening? or how to solve it? I know there might be a slew of things that I haven't checked yet, but being new to this tool, I don't know where to begin. Any help will be greately appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Sergio,

  1. Is the package in version control. (You can check this from packages link in console).
  2. Server OS/SP, Architecture (x86/x64) on which SWS Server is installed.
  3. DB product, version,edition and architecture (32/64 bit) and Server OS/SP, Architecture (x86/x64) on which DB server is installed?