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ApplicationHA default behaviour?

Created: 28 Feb 2014 • Updated: 05 Mar 2014
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Currently I'm configuring a applicationHA which monitors an oracle database for linux that contains multiple instances. However, upon some testing and some research, I discovered a certain behaviour of AppHA which is causing some problems.

Under the "Administering application monitoring settings" -> App.ShutdownGraceTime

When an application fails to start, Symantec ApplicationHA initiates a graceful shutdown of all the healthy applications being monitored on the virtual machine and waits for time specified in this option.

Due to the fact that there are many instances in the database, when 1 instance fails to recover, ALL of my instances are brought down as a result. This is not what I want. It would be as if I got a scratch on my knee, and I chopped of my entire leg.

Am I misunderstanding this? Is there a setting which I can change to remove this behaviour, such that if any of my monitored applications fail to restart, it would just remain down, and not affect my other applications?

Thanks a bunch.

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