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Applying policies on Specific Agents

Created: 24 Apr 2013 | 7 comments
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Dear All ,

Can anybody suggest me a way where I can apply a policy on specific agents only .

For eg. I have 100 agents with me under a credit card policy. I want another 100 set of users to have the keyword rule . I do not want both the policies to apply on all the agents. 

I want to specify what kind of policy should apply on a particular set of agents only . Can i do that ??

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There are a couple of different ways you can do this.

  1. You can use Policy Groups that are ONLY associated to a specific Endpoint Server, and those 100 or so agents are ONLY on that Endpoint server. - This is probably not what you would want to do but may work in your situation.
  2. The other option is to use User Groups. This will allow you to have polices that follow USERS around with the policies. You can then associate the user groups to the policy.

There is no way to associate a policy to ONLY the agent/endpoint. The idea is to protect information based on User groups and not to a specific agent.

Hope this helps..

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Hi, Muzammil Hashmi,

You can create a Sender/User Matches Pattern to match your requirement:


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@ Yang .. Will I have to add all the 100 usernames or ID's to make the Credit Card rule ?.. Is that the best practice . ?

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I have two questions :

1. If the Users are from Different Groups / few users are selected from different groups, can a policy be applied on them such that the other users are not effected.

2. Can we apply different Agent Configurations on different agents belonging to the same Endpoint Server ?..

For Eg, I have 100 agents on which i want to apply Agent Config 1 and I have another set of agents for which I want to apply Agent Config 2. All these agents belong to the same endpoint server . Can we do that ?

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It is my understanstanding that you should be able to do that if you have SMC installed (the Altiris component).  otherwise you may need tow endpoint servers.


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If at all we do this through the Group Policy, is there a way I can choose few users from one group and apply a policy on them and not effecting the other users belonging to the same group ?