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Archieve Retrieve error

Created: 07 Jun 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

I have EV 6.0 sp1 for FSA. On one of file server, I can see placeholder icon with 0kb size for the files archived & hence cannot retrieve it. File placeholder service account is configured correctly with admin priveleges. The seond File server seems to be working okay.

Please help.


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Jason Szeto's picture

The 0kb isn't the problem. A placeholder can either display 0kb or the actual size of the file archived. Are there any errors in the event log? What are the errors when you try to retrieve the item? You can also do a dtrace of the placeholder service on your file server and see what the error is.

Sandeep Figer's picture

Hi Jason,

THere are quite a gew errors in the event lo. for ex. placeholder service start-stop-start, cannot download file \\.....\....(Full path of the file) etc.. I can retrieve the file from Archive explorer but not from the My computer or from any application. It says can no find the file, file missing when double click on the file.Strangely couple of other FSA are working. I have the issue open with Symantec & they accept it as an critical issue. Infact the same issue is being reported by their 7-8 more customers & so symantec is working on some utility to help retrieve the file. Hopefully should hear from them by monday. As per them we are unable to recall due to missing entries in the root table in SQL database.