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Archive bit status after failed full backup

Created: 10 Dec 2012 • Updated: 30 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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If a full backup fails halfway , I would like to know the status of the archive bits. In my case the backup failed after taking around 2.5 TB of data (around 80% of total data). I need to restore the data to a new server during the weekend and I cannot afford to have another full backup. I have a full backup from last week and a few cumulative incrementals. Now with my full backup failing after 80 % data is backed up, will I be able to restore from last weeks full backup and cumulative incrementals that I run during this week.

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when you say.. you have full backup from last week.. does it the one that got failed after 80% of data backup?

or you have the backup successfull with the status code 0 or 1.?

you can only do restore of you have the backup images compleated with status code 0 or 1...

failed backups will not create any backup images, so you can not get the restore...

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I think i know what you are getting at .. and as far as i am aware the archive bit gets reset 5 minutes after notification of a successful backup.

If the backup failed then it would not get this notification and so would not be reset - in which case your cumulative incrementals you run this week will pick up any new / changed files

To be totally confident check an old file on that server to see when its archive bit time stamp is - it should be the time and date of the last successful full backup - it depends on your O/S how you view it - sometime just right click and view the files properties will give it to you

Hope this helps

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