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Archive an Exchange Hidden Mailbox

Created: 19 Aug 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We have several Exchange Mailboxes that we have enabled for archving and then hidden from the Exchange Global Address List (for various business reasons that I'm sure everyone has).  While they are enabled for archiving and have an archive, nightly archiving does not archive the items in these "hidden" mailboxes.

We've contacted support and the response was that Enterprise Vault "by default does not archive hidden mailboxes.  There is a registry change that can enable this feature, but it requires daily updates to the SQL database for Enterprise Vault and when ou upgrade to 8.0, this change will no longer work."

We asked why there are all of the work arounds to get hidden mailboxes enabled if they are not archived once they have been enabled.  Symantec could not answer that.

This seems like a big limitation in Enterprise Vault. 

Are all of you aware of this limitation?

What are you doing to handle the hidden mailboxes?

Does your workaround still work for EV 8.0?

Thanks for any answers,

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Gonz's picture

Hello MoJoe.

Looking into the documentation that comes with Enterprise Vault 8 SP2 (document Registry_Values.pdf ) I have verified that the registry key that can be used to force EV to archive hidden messages it is still there).

The registry key is:



   \Enterprise Vault



0 - Ignore hidden mailboxes (default).

1 - Process hidden mailboxes.


Specifies whether the archiving service should ignore or process hidden mailboxes during an archiving run. By default, the service ignores hidden mailboxes.

Altough I have not tested in the lab, this registry key should allow you to enable the hidden mailboxes, also in EV 8 SP2

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

Hi MoJoe,

I've tested this recently, and it does work.  It doesn't require daily updates to SQL..  One registry key, and that's all that is needed.  If you see differently then let us know.

Hope that helps, 

MoJoe's picture

Gonz and Rob,
I will try the registry key tonight.  We're currently on EV 2007 SP4.  We'll be putting EV 8.0 SP2 in the lab shortly.  Will let everyone know what happens.

Thanks, MoJoe

Gonz's picture

But please let us know.

Kind regards.

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The registry entry did the trick.  We archived the old items in the hidden mailboxes last night.

Thanks to all who provided the assistance.

Now the question is will it work in EV 8.0.  Tech Support indicated it would not but they also said we had to do an SQL hack everynight which is not the case.  I guess we'll test in the lab.

Thanks, MoJoe

Rob.Wilcox's picture

It's still in the source code for 8 SP 2 ... so I'd say it will work.  Not a bad idea to test though, as you have a lab.

Hope that helps,