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Archive Explorer not showing all items

Created: 27 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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We are running EV2007 SP6 for Exchange 2003...we're having an issue for one user where they are unable to items in Archive Explorer.  The folder in Outlook contains emails including shortcuts.  When we look at the same folder in Archive Explorer, it only shows up to August 2011, not showing the last years worth of emails.  If I search in Browser Search for the most recent items, I can find them pointing to the same location in Archive Explorer.  If I do a search in Archive Explorer, the results show that the email is in the folder but the folder does not display them.  We have exported the users archive to PST and reimported, rebuilt the users index, restored some archived emails in that folder and manually archived them but this is having no effect...

Most of the other folders show recently archived emails and as far as we're aware no other users are having this issue...

Anybody got any ideas???


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Are you absolutely one hundred percent positive that the search folder returned matched the AE folder?

Could it be something like
AE folder: \inbox\subfolder1\subfolder2\myFolder

You do a search and it tells you it's in '\myFolder'
But in reality it's in a different path such as

What I would recommend is get the SavesetId of the item from the search, split out the TransactionID then query the database to determine which folder it's stored in

Il try and find the query as this was asked resently

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I'm absolutely sure.....I have a call open with Symantec about it and they suggested I delete the indexes for the user and recreate them which I have done and has had no effect.  I've selected newer emails in that folder, manually archived them until they turn into a shortcut, refreshed Archive Explorer, followed the exact path of the folder and it is not appearing in there...

I've seen the article for missing folders but I don't think it applies here


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Ok so did you do the query posted above and what folder did it show ?

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The support guy from Symantec did the same thing....I gave him an example of one of the emails, he got the savesetid, he split out the transactionid and advised that it was in the correct location.


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Ooooook, well is there anything you are willing to share then?
The best thing i can suggest is

1. DTrace of w3wp and indexserver from the EV server of the user
2. A screenshot of the query given
3. The users archive id

And I know that symc have already ran that query yet if you were to upload the DTrace it would be nice to see what we're looking for

Also does the issue follow the user from machine to machine?
My best guess is still the original guess that it's similar folder location but not exactly the same

I would be interested in seeing the query ran on one item that DOES show and one item that does not show and compare the results in SQL, maybe there's a duplicate folder name etc with a different rootidentitty

Another possibility could be that you are using vault cache or offline vault and it just continually calls the offline ArchiveExplorer and not the online archive explorer