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archive folder with cmd

Created: 31 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

Hi all,

I'm just looking for a command to archive some folder's by hand with cmd. At the moment i can recover folder with this command: FSAUtility.exe -b -s "\\test" -recurse

I quess there is a command to archive by folder as well?

Can anyone help me please?


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Run the command FSArunNOW, see this technote:

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sorry but if i take a look in to the syntac i do not see any possibility to archive a folder.

I can only run the FSARunNow Archive with Task,FilesereEntryID an so on

Thas what Im looking for

FSARunNow Archive "\\test\Data\Pics\test"


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What you are requesting is not possible. You must configure an archiving task first, and then you can configure to run that task from the commandline.

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You can do a Run now on a Specific volume ,You cannot run the FSA task on a folder.

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that not make sense for me, i just looking for a fast possibility to archive some folders.

In this case i have to create a task in my eVault Console and just start it via right klick. I have allready a task for the whole volume. But at the moment i have not enought storrage so i just stopped the task and wanted to archived only a special folder from this volume.

So as i anderstood i have to create one more task for this volume- the sepcial folder on this volume.