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Archive Limit.

Created: 03 Oct 2013 • Updated: 28 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
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Can someone explain me exactly how the archive limit is calculated?

I need this for customer. They are interested to arctivate this but they need to know how this works.

I know that it's not 1GB mail = 1GB archive! Otherwise, EV would be useless.

So I presume the archive limit is calculated on the common/unique parts or something like that.

Let me know



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The limit follows what is shown on the Vault Store Usage report.

So if you put in a limit of 1 Gib, when the VSU shows 1 Gib, that's it.  No more will be archived.

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If I put 1GB on a vault store where 5 users are archived it is 1GB for the whole archive?

Not 1GB PER users? 

Customer wants to implement 1GB per archived user.

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It is per archive.

So each user who has an archive on that Vault Store, would have a limit of 1 GiB, if you set it on the Vault Store level.

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That's OK :-)

But now, follow the customer way of thinking:

My 10.000 user's mailboxes have like 1GB mail in it and I want all my users to have 1GB Archive usage limit.

I decide to start archiving based on the Exchange Quota (say free space 20%)

So I archive 10.000 mbx with within a lot of mails who are the same (you see my point :-) ).

I will never 10TB of mail on my EV because of the common parts etc.

So, how will EV knows about the archive quota per user?

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When EV archives 1GB of emails, it won't use 1GB of storage in the EV server since by default EV compress and dedup the data using the fingerprint database. However, from a single archive perspective, 1GB of data archived it would be 1GB of logical data archived even though the physical space used in the Vault Store is less (and it will be) than 1GB. As Rob mentioned on his test, with a 7MB email, if will increase the usage on each archive by 7MB +/-, but in the storage, there is only one copy of the attachment of 7MB.

I hope this helps.

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It's based on what the Vault Store Usage report says.

Here are two test users of mine:


I then send a 7 Mb attachment to both of them, and archive it during the archiving run of thoses mailboxes.  My Vault Store Usage report now says:


Of course, on the vault store partition, on disk, there is only '1' of this attachment, because of single instancing.

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The Archive Limit can be maximum. The data is archived and store in the archives. As per Rob , EV is using single instance it reduce the size of user archive. The Archive limit is nothing but the actual archived data size.

- Aj