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Archive Points and Archive Explorer

Created: 28 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

Since FSA is not yet fully supports DFS naming space I am facing a challenge with getting a correct archive point for some of the main folders that we have in our file server.

The way our File servers structured is like DriveLetters\Data\Depts\Sharedfolders on each drives

the fact that there are hundereds of shared folders so it's not viable to create an archive point for each of these shared or departmental folders instead I have assigned the archive point on the main folder Data or Depts. but this Data\Depts folder list repeats on all other LUNs and therefore I have end up with many of Data or Depts names under Archives File System list. Which seems FSA is accepting them but the problem I have is that when we try to view these folders under AE it's only one of these archive points appears.

I am certain other organisations are experiencing a similar issues and I wonder if anyone managed to do this differently.

Is there a way to give a different name to archive point during the creation?

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I wonder if anyone else experiencing the same thing.