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archive rate is very slow

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 03 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

earlier my mailbox size's  was not growing more than 600Mb but now around 15 mailboxes more than 800mb any idea what I have to look nothing on event veiwer. but I know archive is working but not expected .

Policy is same 2 month retention , Suddently this is happening ..


EV 10.0.

if I compare archive rate below is the senerio for last dates just halp from past

Data from 1st feb 2013            Data from 17 th Jan 2013 

Daily    rate size                    Daily rate size
21814   4684893                    33836  8223140
38630   9833121                   120896  18235446
26874   6711573                     35937  8639869
16224   4177330                      28226  5524549
 2741    685581                       23438  5493261
13094  1723498                       21990  5575814
41076  10567428                      39259  7291094
24922  6222059                       34562  9318647
22696  6134644                        70466  15958105
20637  5457697                        88637  20453119
19632  5517347                      15607  3541756

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JesusWept3's picture

Start with a report mode and see if there are as many items as you'd expect that meet the archive eligibility criteria

Did any provisioning groups change recently?
Did any policy changes get made recently?

JesusWept3's picture

OK so then you will have to do a bit of leg work.
It could just be that there arent as my eligible items to archive as there were before

are there any items left in the MSMQ when you get in in the morning? specifically the A5 queue?
Can you run a report mode to have a look at the number of eligible items in each mailbox?
What kind of policy do you have set up? Age based? Quota based? Age and quota based?
How do you set backup modes? by windows scheduler? pre/post backup scripts?
do you have any events in the event logs showing that the tasks have failed or gone to sleep?

dineshnegi's picture

plz see prnt shot for msmq .

2month retention policy no event in event vewer.

How to run report mode ? & what is the impact to run this on business hours.

We are using Veeam Bakup .

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Hello Dinesh,

Did this get resolved? If yes, can you mark a post as solution?

You have items in your A5 queue. This means that EV has not finished processing all mailboxes. You als have some items in A7, and A3. If yu monitor that does that (A7/A3) go down, to 0?

To run reportmode, select the mailboxarchiving task, rightclick, Run Now, Report Mode.

The report will be in the ..\enterprise vault\reports\mailbox archiving\ folder.

That will show what should be archived.

As JW said, any events in eventlog indicating a problem?

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

dineshnegi's picture

It seems group policy is confilicting somewhere.

I have created all group policy from fresh now its fine.

thanks all for your support.