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Archive restructuring

Created: 07 Mar 2014 • Updated: 11 Mar 2014 | 6 comments
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Once emails have been moved to the archive.  Is there any way that items can be moved to different folders or possible new folders created within the archive explorer?



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Not sure whether you can create folders in Archive Explorer, bu you certainly can in Virtual Vault.

What version of EV are you using?

EV 8 and higher introduced Virtual Vault, and also 'Shortcut Processing' which will effectively 'move' the archived item within the archive (when, for example the shortcut is moved on the client machine)

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we are using 10.0.4 and do not use Virtual Vault or shortcuts.


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You cannot move archived items in Archive Explorer.  Since you don't have shortcuts or Virtual Vault you have no means to move items to different folders in the archive.

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Hello pjglick,

You cannot create folders within Archive Explorer since those folders are created when the emails are archived from the mailboxes. At this moment, the only way to move archived email from one folder to another is moving Enterprise Vault shortcuts within Outlook and once the archiving task runs and if you have 'Moved Items' enabled in the Mailbox policy, then Enterprise Vault updates the location. As Rob mentioned, you can also do it from Virtual Vault but you are not using Virtual Vault or EV shortcuts; thus, you can't move items from one folder to another.

I hope this helps.

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If you want folder anyways, then you can create folder within mailbox, archive test email into it, check if the folder created in Archive using Archive Explorer. Once done, move the shortcuts for emails which you want to move.

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I get a lot of very similar requests to this and I have not found a way without enabling Virtual Vault or shortcuts.

I can see many Export to PST (including the remove exported items from the archive) and Import PST jobs in your future. Sometimes you have to stop looking for neat solutions and take the time-consuming route to just get the job done :o(