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Archive search on EV server displays only one name

Created: 25 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

We are running EV 9.0 for Exchange in our environment. I am trying to search all vaults from the EV server using the search option in the EV console. The browser search fails consistantly with an http 500 error. Is the search just timing out? Is there anythign that I can do to resolve this issue.

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you may increase the value of the ASP Script Timeout to 2000 or 4000sec

Restarted IIS


To configure the ASP script timeout setting in IIS 7.0

  1. On the reporting point computer, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  2. Navigate to <server name> \ Sites \ Default Web Site.

  3. Click SMSReporting_<site name>, and then double-click ASP in Features View.

  4. Expand Limits Properties, configure the Script Time-out setting, press Enter, and then click Apply in the Actions pane.

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Really though, if you're trying to do blanket searches like that, it sounds like you're trying to searches for legal discovery purposes?  You should investigate Discovery Accelerator.

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Just out of interest, how many archives are we talking about?



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