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Archive task for 800 users

Created: 01 Nov 2012 • Updated: 01 Nov 2012 | 12 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

(Sorry, I wanted to my last post the post and I deleted the full topic!).


Hello Vault community,

I have got a list of 800 users in an Excel file such as : 

/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=8b8357e0-d65044aa-85257379-761cf9 user1
/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=666d02df-26c51731-85257379-761e0a user2
/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=74c496dd-81d08d2c-85257379-7657e5 user3
/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=63789fe6-765732a5-85257379-762d7b user4
/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=63345b6-67548ad1-85257379-75fdc8 user5
There is absolutely no common value between these 800 users, not same country, not same department, not same office, not same state, etc.

So, I can't use the option "Run Now" in the archiving task, basically because it's only possible to select 1 mailbox (or mailboxes with common values).

How can I do? I think it's possible to do that with EVPM, if yes, how?

Thanks in advance!

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

There isn't a way to do this currently :(

Your best bet is to use some ADMODIFY type scripting to set the value in AD of one of the attributes that the archive task CAN key-off, and then run the task.

Eg set the CITY field to RUNMENOW on all those users.. then do a Run Now and pick that from the list.

mistervault's picture

It's not possible, really?

Yes, I already thought in this but the problem is that for some users located in other countries I don't have permission to edit AD attributes, and another problem is that if I change some attributes I should make some kind of previous backup, etc.

I thought that it could be possible to do something like :

DistinguishedName = /o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=8b8357e0-d65044aa-85257379-761cf9 user1
DistinguishedName = /o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=666d02df-26c51731-85257379-761e0a user2
DistinguishedName = /o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=74c496dd-81d08d2c-85257379-7657e5 user3
RahulG's picture

EVPM as the name suggest is the "Enterprise vault policy manager" Other than customizing the policy .EVPM is used to submit PST files for migration . enabling or disabling the users.

RahulG's picture

You may try using the filter list options, when you do a run on selected mailboxes  and see if there is any attribute through which you can filter those 800 mailbox , It would be  user belong to a specific dept ot office 

mistervault's picture

In the Mailbox Filter, only search criters are :

Alias, City, Company, Country, Department, Display Name, Employee-Type, First Name, Last name, Office, State and Title.

Nothing of these values is common for 800 users, this is the problem.

mistervault's picture

PS : And another problem doing your way, is that it will archive for some users that we don't want.

For example, user1, user2, user3 have the value country "Brazil".

If I run an archiving task filtering by "country=Brazil", it will archive for ALL mailboxes with value "Brazil", and it's a problem.

JesusWept3's picture

How about, like Robs suggestion, updating the ExchangeMailboxEntry table after each provisioning run, something like

UPDATE ExchangeMailboxEntry
SET Title = 'RUNNOW'
'/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=8b8357e0-d65044aa-85257379-761cf9 user1',
'/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=666d02df-26c51731-85257379-761e0a user2',
'/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=74c496dd-81d08d2c-85257379-7657e5 user3',
'/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=63789fe6-765732a5-85257379-762d7b user4',
'/o=ABCDE/ou=GSC/cn=Recipients/cn=63345b6-67548ad1-85257379-75fdc8 user5'

That way when you do the run now, you do Selected Mailboxes -> By 'Employee-Title' and search for RunNow then select all and then go.
Also you will not be changing any AD attributes, just the attributes in EV

mistervault's picture

Your solution looks very interesting.

Let me check now in SQL for that users how are attributes, I will let you know in 15 min.

RahulG's picture

further in the next window you have select or select all < so if you do select all then it would be a problem but you do have an option to select the mailboxes you want , its is just the list of the mailboxes woould contain less mailboxes than the number of mailboxes it would display when you select display all mailboxes .

Rob.Wilcox's picture

You can't do it using EVPM.

You can only do it using one of the filter methods described.

mistervault's picture

I just expand the table ExchangeMailboxEntry.

There are about more 1000 entries, finally I found that the column EmployeeType is empty for these 1000 entries.

mistervault's picture

Finally, I jsut maked a test with one entry : 


USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory 

UPDATE ExchangeMailboxEntry
SET EmployeeType = 'RUNNOW'
'/o=ABCDE/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=firstname.lastname'
After, in the archiving mailbox filter, Imailbox filter, I choose "Employee-Type" and wrote RUNNOW.
The user was found, GREAT!!! Thanks especially to JesusWept3 and others!
I will try now with these 800 users, I wil let you know!