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Archive task targets showing deleted Exchange DB's

Created: 17 Jun 2013 • Updated: 01 Jul 2013 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


A customer of mine deleted 3 DB's from his exchange 2010 7 days ago. (on purpose)

Provisioning group running and all tasks are running correctly but the targets in the archive task are still showing the old exchange DB's.

I have tried deleting the provisioning group and the archive task and after recreating them - targets age showing deleted DB's again.

If the customer "dumpster" is set to 15 days, and the DB deleted 7 days ago - any chance it is the reason why I still see the deleted exchange DB's? 

Could it be that there are still "remains" of deleted DB's from AD and that is the reason I still see the DB's in the targets?

No errors anywhere...


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It's most likely because you have users in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table that are unprovisioned (i.e. left the company or no longer belong to a provisioning group) that link to the that particular store.

It links from ExchangeMailboxEntry to ExchangeMailboxStore

So you could do a query like the following

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT EMS.Name "Mailbox Store Name",
       EME.MbxDisplayName "Mailbox Name",
       EME.MbxArchivingState "Archiving Status",
       EME.MbxExchangeState "Exchange Status",
       EME.PolicyTargetGroupEntryId "Provisioning ID",
       EMS.ExchangeServerIdentity "Exchange Server ID"
FROM   ExchangeMailboxEntry EME,
       ExchangeMailboxStore EMS
WHERE  EME.MbxStoreIdentity = EMS.MbxStoreIdentity
  AND  EMS.Name = 'yourExchDBName'
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you could also just try deleting the Exchange target and re-adding it

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I run the script on the 3 old DB's, and did see records of he users on those DB's.

since these users have archives, although they left and didn't update, I'm looking for a nicer way to get EV to recognize that the DB's are deleted.

is deleting the server & tasks is the only way?

Isn't there a fix for this kind of an issue? as I guess I'm not the first one that deleted DB and expects it to be removed from targets...

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Deleted all the targets and tasks & recreated them.

Must say that this is the worst way ever to re-synch targets... but at least it worked smiley

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Hi Sarah,

Do these users still have mailboxes? If yes, if you put them into a new provisioning group, run that, does that help? If they do not have mailboxes anymore, what if you delete those users from the Exchange Mailbox Entry table, what then?


Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Hi Gertjan,

The users does not have mailboxes / AD users anymore, but archives still exist and linked to the old DB's in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table.

I won't risk any data or other tables links to those archives if I remove their record from ExchangeMailboxEntry?

ie - in a few months time, I need to restore one of those users to a pst file, will it fail if user don't exist in the ExchangeMailboxEntry entry?

I'm guessing that it's ok to delete, but want to make sure...

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It's an annoying problem but there's not really much of an issue, I mean it shouldn't be throwing errors or causing the task to fail

But anywho, you can delete the users from EME if you want, you could delete the entire EME contents and provisioning will repopulate the table

You may still need to just remove the task and target and recreate it after, you've already tried recreating the task so it shouldn't be that big of an issue?

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I guess I have no other choice :)

Will do and update.

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Seeing as this has been one of those long-standing annoyances in EV, it might be a good opportunity to suggest a fix to this in the 'Ideas' section of Symantec Connect.  Heck, I might just do it myself.

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