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Archive Usage Limit per users!

Created: 30 May 2012 • Updated: 30 May 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

Can I set a quota for a user or group of users to control the maximum size of their archives ?

If yes, How can I do this!


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1. Open the Vault Admin console.
2. Go to Archives -> Exchange Mailbox
3. Find the user you want to set a quota on, right click and go to Properties
4. Click the Archive Usage Limit tab

Set the options here

If you wanted to set it for everyone, open the VAC, under "Directory on <machinename>", right click your Site Name and go to properties and then go to the Archive Usage Limit tab, and then enable and set this and it will be placed on everyone.

You can then individually change other archives to not use the site limit

You may also want to customize the archive usage emails if you wish to notify the users:

And if you are on 9 SP2, you may want to apply this hotfix so that users aren't continually emailed notifications about their limits:

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just to be specific, no you can't set quotas for a group of users (at least not without some nifty scripting). quota is set at the site level or per archive.

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Thanks JesusWept2 & AndrewB for your support.

I know I can set it at the site level properties, but I want to set it at every user archive.

Forgive me I forgot to mention that it's Enterprise Vault for Domino!! not for Exchange. the Archive Usage Limit tab not exist in the users Archives >> Domino Mailbox >> user archive Properties.

Is their similar way to change this settings for Domino archives like in Exchange ?

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That is expected, a few other caveats you should be aware of.

Domino Archive Usage Limits [Ref E1013755, E1013793]

For most Enterprise Vault archiving you can set an Archive Usage Limit in Site Properties by editing the properties of the following:

  • The Enterprise Vault Site
  • Individual vault stores
  • Individual archives

In the case of Domino archiving, there is no setting available for individual archives. Additionally, the usage limit notification settings are ignored for Domino archives. You cannot configure Enterprise Vault to send usage limit notifications for Domino archives.

So your options are limited to Site Properties or on the Vault Store, which I imagine would be a pain to manage moving forward.

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Thank you Tony for your reply.

I see, so i can't set the usage limit for each archives in Domino archived mailbox as in Exchange only at Site Properties and/or per Vault Store.

Why is Enterprise Vault for Domino not have all features that exist on Enterprise Vault for Exchange ?

Example also in archive policy for Domino you can only set it by age no quota option in availble!!

Fine, Does anyone know if is this gonna be added in the future or not ?

Finally thanks guys for your support.