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Archive usage limit vs. user ability to see their archive size

Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 20 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are looking at implementing Archive usage limits (EV 10.0.2) . This will require users to "clean up their archives", but how can users see the size of their archive? i.e. A user is over the archive limit and cannot archive any more items so they need to clean up x amount of data/items (delete from archive) in order to free up space. In addition the notification function does not appear to be working in testing so it never tells the user that they are over the limit. Items just simply fail to archive without any indication to the user.

The archive usage limit can be set at one of 3 levels:

  • Site
  • Vault Store
  • Individual archivehe

The notification functionality that goes along with this is somewhat confusing depending on where the setting is made. i.e. if the setting is made at the individual archive level, then are the site settings for notifications still in place?

Thanks for any help if anyone has sorted this out.

We are on EV 10.0.2 and Exchange 2010

Operating Systems:

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Well it cascades
Site Level applies to everyone
If you set it at the vault store level, you may want it so that anyone who belongs to say "Executive Vault store" doesn't have limits, but those who are in the "Call Center Store" do....

So if its set on the Vault Store , then it overrides the site level
and then individual archives override what the vault store is set to

As for the notification being sent out, if its not sending it either means the msg its looking for doesnt exist, or the EVAdmin does not have Send On Behalf As permissions to the EV System mailbox for that users particular exchange server

As for how much do they need to get rid of....thats an awesome question
I honestly dont know, the best you could do is maybe go to usage.asp and tell them how much they're using, I don't think theres a really good answer and you

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Thank You JesusWept3 ! (btw,  I assume a referrence to JN 11:35 ? - excellent!),

Regarding the setting at the various levels, thats what I thought. ITs just that the Site level is the only place for the frequency of the notification message (defaults to 7 days).

For the notification: The solution was that the msg file had not been copied over.

Once I copied the files:




from the languages folder, the notifications started working. The hint here was that I knew the send on behalf of permissions were probably ok since the standard welcome messages were working ok.

Now - if we could just get a simple way for the user to see their archive size from Outlook or Archive Explorer, search, or somewhere, I'd be all set :-)

thanks again

~ Kevin

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AFAIK there isn't a nice way that users can see the amount of space that they're using.

It could be built though as a web page, and hooked in to Outlook.