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Created: 12 Nov 2013 • Updated: 20 Nov 2013 | 7 comments
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how can i tell how long an archive run actually takes?

- we dont have SQL reporting services

- we are using EV 8 sp5

is there a SQL query i can use or do i have to trawl through event logs?


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One possibility is to use the query outlined in the following post:

select "Archived Date" = left (convert (varchar, archiveddate,20),14),

"Hourly Rate" = count (*),

"Av Size" = sum (itemsize)/count (*),

"Hourly KBs" = sum (itemsize)

from saveset

where archiveddate >dateadd("hh", -48, getdate ())

group by left (convert (varchar, archiveddate,20),14)

order by "Archived Date" desc

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Archiving report shows the Start and End time of the archiving task.

Check HTML file from the Reports folder located at X:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Reports

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AZC... there are no archiving reports in 8 SP 5 though - at least not for mailbox archiving..

@GTK .. is it mailbox archiving you're trying to investigate?

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If you have a schedule in your archiving task, that's your archiving window. If you do a Run Now for all the items in a specific archive, it's really hard to tell since it would depend of how many items are eligible for archiving. The SQL query that Rob posted, the archiving rate, might tell you how many items and data is being archived per hour and you can compare those numbers to determine if you have any performance issues; however, it won't tell you how long an archive run will take.

If you look at the event logs, you should see two events: 3444 and 3446 when the archiving task has started and ended. That might give you more information regarding your question.

I hope this helps.

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You won't see those events in EV 8.... AFAIK.

And my idea is that when the archiving rate shows 0, you've finished your run :)

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Rob is correct, HTML reports or the event ids are not present in 8 sp5. Rob's SQL query helps to a degree as items are still being archived at a specific time. Utltimately i wanted to see if archiving was finishing ahead of schedule to try and accomodate a bigger window for backup mode as our backups are taking a long time to complete

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Pretty sure then that without upgrading you're left with fine tuning that bit of SQL.