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Archived emails moved from PST back to Mailbox cannot be restored

Created: 13 Jul 2012 • Updated: 01 Aug 2012 | 5 comments

Hi There,

I have a user who moved a lot of archived emails from her mailbox to a PST file and now she is not able to restore it even after she moved it back to the mailbox.

However, when she open up the archived email from her mailbox, EV will retrieve the full email for her.


Any help is appreciated.


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That is expected behaviour.  You can't restore shortcuts that are in a PST, you have to move them back in to the mailbox.

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I think the confusion is its even after she moves them back from the PST to the mailbox as well right?
If its a restore in the PST file, then tony is right, it won't work.....if its copied back from the PST to the mailbox and it doesn't work, i guess we'd need a client trace.

But what is the behavior? do you get a pop up box saying the item can't be restored? or does it go to restore pending and then back to archived? can she restore any items at all in the mailbox that have not been moved to PST file?

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Hi Alex, spot on. the restore did not work after the EV archived emails are moved from PST to the mailbox.

this is what was tried.

1. All the archived emails are moved to a designated folder in Mailbox.
2. All the archived emails are selected and restore button clicked, all archived emails icons changes to a restore in progress icon
3. After about an hour no restoration was completed all icons still in restoration icon status, (only about 50 emails)
4. Tried to hit restore button again with only 1 archived emails, its says no archived items selected.
5. When i double click to open the archived email, EV starts to retrieve the full email and is able to show me the whole thing (reading pane only show the starting part of the email).

No items moved to PST can be restored, i didn't take nore of the time the emails are received, but i think most are pretty ancient.

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Between step 1 and step 2 .. how much of a delay is there?  Or put another way .. is Outlook in cached mode or online mode?  If it's cached mode and you are dragging and dropping a lot of mails to the mailbox from the PST then immediately selecting them all, and clicking restore, then you're encountering an Outlook synch issue.

You can get around the synch issue by either ...

a/ Waiting a minute or two between 1 and 2

b/ Clicking on send/receive

c/ Using an Online Outlook profile.

Hope that helps

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So...retrieval works (which is using HTTP or vault cache) and restore doesn't (which is using either DCOM or HTTP depending on the client.. )

I think we need to see a client log of exactly what is happening here, (and then later on maybe server side dtrace)

Can you get your user to put client side logging to full, restart the outlook client, attempt to open one of these shortcuts, then attempt to restore the same shortcut.

for reference:

After that, copy out the log and upload it to this thread. Maybe also let us know the title of the mail in question :)



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