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Archived Items Access Report

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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i have a question about the Archiv Access Report in EVAULT. I need more detailed information about access to Files.

We use EVault for FileServer, an i want to know which Files are used from Archiv. When i start the Archiv Items Access

Report i only see a Number... The is no Different between Summary an Detaild?

Did i somthing wrong.

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If you go to your EV Server properties and on the Auditing tab
Do you have View as both Detailed and Summary or just summary only?

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Yes i have activate for testing ALL Audit Fields on EVserver

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Reading the documentation, it looks like thats all you will get, i think you'd need AuditViewer to get more detailed output as to what is being opened

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What sort of additional information do you wan to obtain?

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The customer want to know what is the different between "Summary" and "Detail". Because

on both views the same is showing.

He want´s to know which Files ar often take back from archiv or wihich User takes files often fraom Archiv.

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Yep looks like you have to use either Audit Viewer... or use the information from the IIS log files.