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Archived Items Indexing

Created: 06 Apr 2013 • Updated: 20 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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We are using EV for mailbox archiving and I am new to EV,

We archive around 5000 emails daily and I would like to know how much time is required for indexing of archived items and what is the steps to find when the indexing for the archived items starts and when it finishes, basically I want to monitor the indexing.

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

Provided the index locations aren't in backup mode, the items will be archived and indexed together, and the indexing will be pretty much instant.

There is very little to monitor with such a small amount of data.

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As Rob said, you not archiving a lot of data but if you are EV 10 check out these:


What are the performance counters to look at?


How to use Performance Monitor to monitor the Indexing processes

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You are correct that we are not archiving lot of data presently but we are planning to upgrade to EV 10 and enable more users after which i guess the data to be archived would be 4 times then what we are doing now.

My worry is that when the archived data increases 4 times or more than that then what will happen to indexing of the items, after archivng window (4-5 hrs ) immediately we have backup window .I am curious to know that if the indexing for the archived items doesnot finishes during the archiving window of 4-5 hours then will the indexing to be done after backup window and how long it can go.

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In all honestly even 4x that amount of data isn't very large either...  but have a look at the counters that Tony indicated above.

Depending on what you do backup-wise indexing will either:

a/ Have finished

b/ Finish afterwards - you see when you do the backup you'll putting the vault stores and indexing in backup mode.

Depending on how *exactly* you do that your indexes may come out of backup mode a little while before the vault stores. That's fine ... it means that indexing can then start to crawl through the stored items and index them, whilst they're being backed up.

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There are large companies that journal in the 2-3 million range and indexing keeps up fine