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Archived mail are in pending state. (ev10, exchange 2003)

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

Got a problem with some users mailboxes. Alot of mail is in pending state. What I have done so far:

Checked the message queues, no problem

Restarted EV service

Checked Archive bit on partitions, ok

Opend up mail that is in pending state in Archiveexplorer,ok

Here is the config of a pending state mail:

Subject VB: ***************
Last modification time 12:33:43, 2012-11-08
Archive ID 185F630A27DC0584380B3558F658E9B631110000******
Archive Transaction ID 804F9CDE78A5255DB742469A3970F071
Archived Date 12:33:48, 2012-11-08
Calculated Date 11:30:44, 2009-08-26
Create Shortcut true
Original Message Class IPM.Note
Original Outlook Display Value -1
Original Size 4338
Retention Category 157C816C06D18A54294D2085D28A2C6F71b10000******
Shortcut Status 3
content-class urn:kvsplc-com:cc:vault:pending
originalcontentclass urn:content-classes:message
originalsmallicon /exchweb/img/icon-msg-read.gif
Should it not be a Saveset ID there as well? 

If I use the "Pending shortcut timeout" at this point. Will there be duplicates created?

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Is EV still in backup mode ?
That can cause to get mail stuck in pending archive state.

Also check this technote

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I'm not sure what's that "config" output is from, so I can't answer the first question. For second question, No it will not create a duplicates in 10.

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I don't think it display that info for pending item. Check if one of the pending item in search.asp or in saveset table using "IDTransaction 804F9CDE-78A5-255D-B742-469A3970F071". Most likely, you have a post processing issue. Check out usage.asp or run query below (snippet from technote mention by ZeroCool).

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM JournalArchive WHERE Indexcommited = '0'

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM JournalArchive WHERE BackupComplete = '0'

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Well I can find the message in archiveexporer, and search.asp.

I will have a look in the DB.

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Yesterday I did pause the Archiving, and let the vault system be backed up with BE2012 EV agent.

I did a SQL querry today:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM JournalArchive WHERE Indexcommited = '0'


SELECT COUNT(*) FROM JournalArchive WHERE BackupComplete = '0'


I also did check för archivebit on the partitions (dir /s /a:a). And no file found with the Archive bit set.

SO. Everything regarding backup seems OK!

I can see that objects are in the A1 queue. only 110 object. 

So right now i´m thinking of editing the policy "Pending shortcut timeout" on one of the mailboxes with the pending objects. and see what happend when I archive that mbox direcly.