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Archived Veritas downloads?

Created: 10 Apr 2012 • Updated: 13 Apr 2012 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Is there somewhere where downloads for Backup Exec 9.1 are still available? 

I moved a fully functioning internal HH Quantum LTO2 drive from a Win2K server to a Win2K3 server and no matter what I do I get "Invalid Physical Volume Library Argument".  Inventory, backup, label.  All of my research seems to indicate that I need the updated driver library but none of the links I"m able to find are valid.  I just get routed to a page that says, "Document: 273853 has been migrated to the our new knowledge management and search solution featuring InQuira's technology.
We are redirecting you to the latest copy of this document in our system" 

I then get dumped to the Symantec Business Support page.

The Win2K server runs Backup Exec 8.6 and the drive ran perfectly for nearly 3 years with the Quantum 3.3 driver.  That server is being decommissioned and only acts as a domain controller for the time being so we wanted to make use of the LTO2 capacity in our Exchange server.

Where can I find these files formerly at this URL?

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Ken Putnam's picture

About the only way to get v9x or v10x downloads would be to get one of the Symantec Techs to post it to a download area for you

I'll Set the Support flag on this thread to draw the attention of the Techs

Good Luck!

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ppadilla's picture

I realize this is a bit legacy, but I had no need to update 9.1 while in production because the DAT40 and later DAT72 drives had no issues. 

Thanks very much Ken.

Ben L.'s picture

Since version 9.1 has been end of life for some time now it is no longer available for download.  I can't even access 9.x on our internal servers anymore to make it available on the FTP.

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VJware's picture

I should be able to get the 9.1 installer for you, though not sure as to where you would obtain the licenses from....

ppadilla's picture

I have the original 9.1 media and licenses so that's not an issue.

I believe I only need the driver update package formerly at this URL and possibly SP5. 

Again, my 9.1 is on a live Exchange 2003 server and has been running just fine with the DAT72 drive for more than two years.  If necessary I can completely uninstall and start fresh with the driver updates. 

VJware's picture

Alright, I am in the process of uploading them...Will PM you the links

ppadilla's picture

That would be awesome.  Thanks a million.

VJware's picture

Have PMed you the links :)

ppadilla's picture

Exactly what I needed.

Ran Tapeinstall to remove all drivers.

Uninstalled driver from device manager.


Installed SP5


Ran driver update



For some reason the engine service defaulted to domain admin credentials and was terminating with a general "access denied" error.  Another reboot didn't fix it so I changed the service logon to a domain account created for Exchange services and that did the trick.

Backup is running as I type... 13GB in to a 65GB job.

Thanks VJ