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Archiving Exchange 2007 with EV 10

Created: 03 Feb 2014 • Updated: 07 Feb 2014 | 7 comments
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I have comfigured EV 10 .0.4 environment and would like to add exchange 2007 SP3 servers for archiving from same forest but different domain.

I would like to know the necessary steps required for configuring with above scenario.

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Take a look at the Setting up Exchange Archiving PDF on the media.

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Rob is right, check out the Setup Guide  -

But also have a look at the following technote:-

Regkey in above HOWTO is still relevant in 10

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I have already configured exchange 2013 of Domain A, I need to know the steps required to add exchange 2007 servers of Domain B in the same EV site.

Domain A

EV 10.0.4

Exchange 2013

Domian B

Exchange 2007

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As mentioned above, read the documentation.

Make sure the permissions are correctly set for the VSA to have Send As/Receive As permissions on the new environment. create a new system mailbox for EV to connect to on the exchange servers.
Then add the domain in the Vault Admin Console, then add the Exchange Server you wish to archive, it will then ask if you want to create a new Archiving Task, you choose where the task will live, select the system mailbox etc and thats it

After that, add any relevant provisioning groups to target users, or Distribution Lists or OU's etc, run provisioning task and then enable the mailboxes you wish to target, and thats it.

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Dear Jesus,

Now it is much clear for me, but do we need to create new provisioning task for domain B.

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Also, how about running exchange throtlling policy and exchange permission script on exchange 2007 server.

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Throttling is an Exchange 2010+ feature, Exchange 2007 doesn't have such an idea.

But so here we go

Go to your Documentation. It's on the install media.
\Symantec Enterprise Vault\Documentation\English\Administration Guides\

We're going to look at the following two documents:

Step One: Add Permissions to the Exchange Environment 
Go to Page 74 of "Installing_and_Configuring.pdf"

Assigning Exchange Server permissions to the Vault Service account
For Exchange Server 2013, 2010, and 2007, Enterprise Vault includes a PowerShell
script which assigns the necessary permissions to the Vault Service account.
Step Two: Create the System Mailbox for EV to connect to
Go to Page 67 of "Installing_and_Configuring.pdf"
Creating the Enterprise Vault system mailbox
The Enterprise Vault system mailbox is a mailbox that is used by the Exchange
Mailbox, Exchange Journaling, and Exchange Public Folder tasks when connecting
to the Exchange Server.
Step Three: Give the EVAdmin "Send As" Permission to send out system messages
Go to Page 73 of "Installing_and_Configuring.pdf"
Granting the Vault Service account Send As permission on the system
The Vault Service account requires Send As permission on the Enterprise Vault
system mailbox on each Exchange mailbox server. You can set this permission
manually on each account, or use the following procedure.
Step Four: Add the new Domain that the other Exchange Server is in
Go to Page 48 of "Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.pdf"
Adding an Exchange server domain for archiving
Before you can add the Exchange servers that you want to archive, you must add
the domains in which the Exchange servers reside.
Step Five: Add the new Exchange Server you wish to target in EV
Go to Page 49 of "Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.pdf"
Adding an Exchange Server for archiving
You can now add your target Exchange Servers to the appropriate domain.
OK so at this point you now have
 - Correct permissions to the new Exchange Server environment in Domain B
 - A system mailbox for Enterprise Vault to use 
 - Permissions to send from the System Mailbox to send Welcome Messages etc
 - Domain B is now targeted in the VAC
 - New Exchange server is now targeted in the VAC and should have an archiving task running
Remember that Provisioning Groups are per domain.
The existing provisioning groups you have at the moment only apply to Domain A and not Domain B
So when you added Domain B, it doesn't have any provisioning groups. So you need to add new ones
Step 6: Adding a Provisioning Group to target users in the new exchange domain
Page 50 of "Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.pdf"
Adding a Provisioning Group for Exchange Server archiving
A provisioning group enables you to apply an Exchange mailbox policy, an
Exchange desktop policy and a PST migration policy to individual users or to a
group of Exchange Server users

If you don't have a provisioning Task for the new domain, you should create one now

Step 7: Adding a Provisioning Task for the new domain
Page 52 if "Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.pdf"

Adding an Exchange Provisioning task for Exchange Server archiving
An Exchange Provisioning task is required for each Exchange Server domain. This
task enables mailboxes in the provisioning groups that you have created.
You can add an Exchange Provisioning task manually, as described in this section,
or you can let Enterprise Vault add one automatically when you add the first
Exchange Mailbox archiving task.

Now you have your provisioning groups set up, you have your provisioning tasks
Do a run now on the new provisioning task and now the users in Domain B should be ready to be enabled based on how you provisioned them