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Archiving folders

Created: 12 Dec 2005 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 6 comments

Dear all,

Is it possible to archive only selected folders in a mailbox, and leave the rest unarchived ? I am not talking about public folders.

best regards


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Yes it is, but you will need to use EVPM to define which folders need to be archived.

Alternatively your users would have to decide what goes or does not go by using the full client - yuch!


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What is EVPM, i dont want the end users to do the configuration, i understand every user has his own way of organising mails, so how i define which folder to archive and which not remotely


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The online EV help from within the Admin console has a fair amount of information on EVPM - Policy Manager.

In a nutshell it is just a scripting interface that gives you far better granularity and control over the polices you configure on individual or multiple mailboxes.


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Might have changed but when I started out I thought the stuff in the help was a bit confusing. the key is to get a good example and there used to be some reasonable ones in the Admin Guide so I'd go there.

Could be wrong though. Been a long time.

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this creates a folder called \ArchiveMe in the mailbox and sets policies to always archive. It also archive calendar items > 1 year old.


DistinguishedName = /O=MyOrg/OU=MySIte/cn=Recipients/cn=MyUsersAlias

Name = MailboxRoot
Enabled = True
FilterName = DoNotArchive
Overridearchivelocks = True
RetentionCategory = Mailbox Data
IndexingServiceComputerName = local
VaultStoreName = MyVault

Name = CalendarItems
CreateShortcut = False
DeleteOriginal = True
UnreadMail = True
UseInactivityPeriod = True
InactivityUnits = months
InactivityPeriod = 12
APrioritizeLargeItems = False

Name = Calendar
FilterName = CalendarItems
Overridearchivelocks = True
RetentionCategory = Calendar Data

Name = ArchiveMeItems
CreateShortcut = True
DeleteOriginal = True
UnreadMail = True
UseInactivityPeriod = True
InactivityUnits = days
InactivityPeriod = 0

Name = \ArchiveMe
FilterName = ArchiveMeItems
Overridearchivelocks = True
RetentionCategory = Archive Me Data


You MUST save an EVPM as Unicode.

Users can delete the folder! You can't stop this. If they rename it everything still works.