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Archiving of journal emails not working

Created: 11 Aug 2011 | 3 comments

We are facing issues with archiving of journal mailbox. It works from time to time but stops for long intervals. Below are the details of the hardware and software being used.

Server OS: Windows server 2003 Service pack 2 Enterprise edition with 4GB of RAM.

Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 (Was upgraded few weeks back from 8.0 SP4 - SP5 - 9.0.1).

EMC Centera storage is used.


Moved the MSMQ, reinstalled MSMQ, checked centera ping and verify. Even when emails are not being archived the tests are successful. Mails are getting stuck in the storage archive queue.

We have logged cases in EMC and Symantec. EMC says its issue with EV software, Symantec says its storage issue. PEA file used for Archiving and Journaling, No issues seen for normal user mailbox archiving.

Please suggest.

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JesusWept3's picture

What version of Exchange server?
How long is "long"?
Are you using Centera Collections?

Praveen DCosta's picture

Version of Exchange server: Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 (Version 6.5 Build 7638.2: SP2)

If it works for 10 minutes it stops for 4-6hours. Then automatically it starts for 5-10 mins and again stops.

Centera collections is not enabled.

JesusWept3's picture

hey praveen,
Sorry i didn't respond to this earlier, are you still having this issue?