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Archiving Recoverable Items folder

Created: 13 Mar 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 8 comments
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Is it possible to archive the Exchange Recoverable Items folder? Recoverable Items folder has grown huge and we cant delete anything from it. We are using Evault 9.0.2

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Enterprise Vault already has this option





\Enterprise Vault


Content DWORD

0 — (Default) Do not archive tombstone objects

1 — Archive tombstone objects

Description Controls whether an Archiving Service archives

tombstone objects.

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That being said, if you use virtual vault, it really may not be a good idea
So for instance if i have virtual vault, and i drag a load of items from my inbox in to Virtual Vault and synchronize, then everythings good, however those items that i moved were a copy and a delete, so they are now in the recoverable items /exchange dumpster.

So now EV will go ahead and start archiving tombstoned objects that it already has, creating duplicates

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Also be aware of this one as well, as this is important if you are using Quotas

"This functionality will continue to work for Exchange 2010 with a slight side affect in that all items recovered will be recovered to and archived from the root of the mailbox (i.e. IPM_SUBTREE).  We don’t support the Purged or Versions  folders (which both occur when the mailbox is on legal hold)."

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Sorry one more question. Can we target specific mailboxes for this option instead for everyone?

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Is this a server or plugin setting? I cannot find any documentation othere than what registry keys to use..

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Hmmm you *might* be able to by doing


Haven't tested it, but it might work, based on how other parts of the product work

Downside to this is you will have to create a registry key for each archiveID you wish to use this for