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Article "Parking" ?

Created: 27 May 2011 | 5 comments
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At the moment I write my articles and blog entries in a seperate tool/product.  Usually the blog entries are just in notepad, because they're quite small, and I use MS Word to write out articles.

The reason why is that it often takes me a number of session to finish off an article, and sometimes the same for blogs.

Are there any plans to make the Connect Forums a bit more like "Wordpress", or at least where I can save DRAFTS of stuff, and then eventually, when I think I'm finished publish the finished item?

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This is something that we are looking into. It's just not on the "top" priority list.  In the meantime, there is a "workaround" feature for article. (Unfortunately, not for blogs.) 

Because articles are not published right away (they must be reviewed and published by the community manager), you can start your article and save it. It won't be published. A couple of helpful hints to help the community manager:

  • Drop him/her a note and let him/her know that you've started an article but haven't finished it.
  • Add a note at the beginning of the article that tells the community manager that this is a working document/draft. You may want to include a note of the date.
  • When you have "completed" the draft, drop a quick note to the community manager to say you are ready for publishing.

Hope this helps at least a little. It's not a perfectly "elegant" solution, but will work.

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Dear Leslie,

I would second this thought too. If you closely recall a while back I sent you a couple of article URLs right -- in that because of the missing draft feature and the browser crashed I lost the content.

If you could bring this feature along with a kind of auto-save periodically it would be immensely helpful for connect writers.

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Okay I can certainly try that, I'm sure it will help, because I use multiple PC's and would like to store my works in progress on Connect, rather than some "random" other location.

Just one question though ...  How do I find my Community Manager?