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ASDK 7.1 sp2

Created: 13 Sep 2012 | 3 comments


I have been asked to create scripts/applications to perform large scale managment in Altiris through ASDK. Specifically large number of NS6 SWD packages/tasks to be converted to Software Releases+Software Policy. Due to large number of exsisting SWD tasks it is inefficient to click through web console.

According to my research, ASDK 7.1 sp2 is only capable of managing NS6 type objects (Package, Program, Task, Advertisment, CollectIon).

It does not have capability or creating/managing objects such as Software Resource, Software Mangement Policy. This capability only comes with ASDK thats included with NS7.5, which is currently in beta stages. THerefore it is not possible to automate management of such object in NS7.1SP2

Is that correct, or are there some other ways to automate these ?

Thanks in advance, 


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THAT IS A GREAT and important question, I subscribe to get the answer !!

~Pascal @ Do you speak French? Et utilisez Altiris: venez nous rejoindre sur le GUASF

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~Pascal @ Do you speak French? Et utilisez Altiris: venez nous rejoindre sur le GUASF

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That's an interesting subject. So interesting I've taken back some old code projects and started brushing it up (it was writen for 7.0).

Check out the latest commit on my code repository if you want some info:

It's probably a long term project (I mean a couple of month - with 45 minutes per evening - which is my average spare time these days) but I'm used to long Winter's of Code (it'll be the 3rd CWoC installment if this gets thru).

So should I say stay tuned?

Ludovic FERRÉ
Principal Remote Product Specialist