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[ask for help]Recovery encrypted docs from uncautious formatted PGP WDE disk

Created: 20 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

Hi All,

Really thanks for your help in advance

I try to make my complex tragic story simple and straightforward.

My PGP could not boot up as well as my Win7,

>I tried to recovery from Win7 installation disk but failed (I guess this action should be not proper and caused 1st format on my disk).

>Then tried mount the disk as external one with PGP command and recovery CD until I happened to see tips in this forum, but still not work. (recovery CD didn't recognize the disk as an encrypted one)

>Finally my company's IT guys rebuilt system in that disk (2nd format)

>after that, I used another recovery tool ( photorec ) to recovery 20 Gbs encrypted .gpg files, tried to open with PGP WDE but it said the file is corrupted.

My queries for everyone's expertise & experience;

1. Any possible ways to open the corrupted PGP file?

2. Apart above actions I took, any possible ways to get my lost doc back?

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If those files actually have .gpg extensions, they will likely be decryptable if you change the extensions to .pgp

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