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Asset integration with servicedesk

Created: 13 Jul 2012 | 2 comments


how to integrate asset management solution with servicedesk 7.1 sp2

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If you are interested in basic integration between ServiceDesk and CMDB data, this functionality exists out of the box in ServiceDesk.

When you enter SMP credentials in to ServiceDesk (either at install time or afterward in Credentials Manager) lookups against Users, Locations, Departments, and various equipment items are available from the Inicident, Problem, and Change processes. You can see a simple illustration of this by opening the Advanced Incident Submission form (Submit Request > ServiceDesk > Submit Incident (Advanced)).

From here you can select a Department, Location, or Service for the ticket, or you can search for equipment to attach to the ticket. Similar interfaces are found throughout the product, and when these associations are made they are submitted back to the CMDB for reporting.

If you are looking for Asset process automation, you might be interested in the Asset Management Workflows which are documented in the Asset Management Solution users guide. This isn't integration to ServiceDesk per se, but they include end-user forms for automating Asset Requests and approvals.

If you are looking for some other integration, you'll likely need to enlist some help in building custom workflows to meet your specific use cases. There may be some on the forum who have done similar things and could offer advice.

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This is new ITMS 7.1 sp2 installation.

My only concern is when user submits any incident after that how technician will able to see that which assets are associate against that user.

E.g ABC is a user i am given desktop along with Printer, Scanneer to that user. If this ABC is submit incident then how technician will able see that along with desktop which assets are associate to ABC.

For that asssociation is done from AMS manage configuration Item is it right?