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Asset ownership details from Inventory record to Asset record

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 2 comments


Does anyone know how, or if, ownership details are copied from the inventory record to the asset record?

When a machine is put into stock, the system, it is not always wiped.  So when turned back on for whatever reason.  The audit reports back to the server changes the Asset Status to Active.  The asset owner is populated on the inventory reocrd, because we originaly put it into stock we change the Asset record to show a generic user.  So the asset record shows the generic user and the inventory record show the actually user as the owner.  So there is a mis-match.

I though the inventory to asset synchronization would copy the asset ownership from inventory to the asset record, but it does not.

Do I have to write anothere CMDB rule? or does anyone know if there is a 'standard' way to do this?


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There is a job called "Assign Computer's Ownership to be the Primary User" that will...well, set the Owner of the asset to the Primary User of the computer. I think that will be what you need. In NS 7.1 SP2, It's under Jobs and Tasks ->System Jobs and Tasks -> Service and Asset Management -> CMDB.

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Thanks, I did look at that before but was not sure exactly what it did.  I have had to write a few custom CMDB rules to make it work the way we want.  But the "Assign Computer's Ownership to be the Primary User" along with a custom filter does copy the owner from the inv record to the asset record.

Thank you