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Assign ticket to individual using ServiceDesk 7.5

Created: 30 Apr 2013 • Updated: 01 May 2013 | 7 comments
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Hello all, 

How is possible to assign a ticket using Advanced Incident form to an individual technicain/engineer, not to a service queue in service desk 7.5. I know that this was possible in earlier version. How this is done in this version?


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With the 7.5 release the assigment process was modified to have incidents assigned to Support Queues. Thus the Advanced Feeder form no longer provides the ability to assign to an engineer.

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Is there any other way to assign the ticket to an engineer?

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After the incident is created, you can open the ticket. On the incident's Process View page, you can use the Set Ownership link in the Tasks and Actions section to assign the ticket to an engineer.

Also, if you have specific conditions for when you want the incident to be assigned to an engineer, you could create a routing rule that assigns those incidents to the engineer.


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It would be really handy to have a routing rule action to make the submitter the owner.   That or document how the ownership functions work in workflow so I can build my own workflow to take care of this.

This seems kind of backwards to me in my opinion since it now requires our help desk to create the ticket, assign it to their queue, find the ticket and add themselves as the owner.  Symantec does not seem to get that less clicks is better.  Our help desk aims to be quick and efficient.  This is the complete opposite.

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I have also found that since our organization uses incidents with a project type it is backwards for someone to create their incident as a project, have it submitted to a queue, go into the queue and add themselves as the owner.  Either a modified workflow or the ability to assign to an individual would be nice.

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Heres another alternative - use the OnIncidentReceived ruleset to send the Incident to a workflow to assign the submitter as the owner.  That way you don't have to re-apply changes to the Advanced Feeder form every time a new version of SD comes out.  

Although the feeder form is not part of the core workflows (so you can edit it) I bet we'll see some revisions to it in the imminent MP1.  That means if you want to enjoy the fixes then you'll need to re-apply your individual tweaks to the newly released feeder workflow.

Jason Short has provided a video how to send incidents to workflows here :

I have also attached a functional wokflow to do this.  Its a little rough but at least shows you what is possible.

Make.Incident.Submitter.Owner_.package 150.88 KB