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Atention Needed report to show older than 180 days

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 8 comments

Hi All,

I'm running SSR 2011,  but I need to configure the "Attention Needed" report or pie chart, to only highlight machines that have backups older than 180 days.

The default seems to be 30.  I've currently 53 machines reporting in total with 17 highlighted as "attention needed", but since my backup schedule is 180 days, a 30 day window on the attn needed report is not really useful to me, Ineed it set to 180days.

ANybody any ideas?



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Chris Riley's picture

The 30 day window is hard-coded into the product as far as I know. I don't think it can be changed but this does sound like a good enhancement request:

McSpud's picture

Thanks for your reply Chris.

Do you know if theres functionality in SSR 2013 for doing this? 
Surely theres some means in SSR2011 for reporting out on backups that havent been ran after a specified length of time?  I wish it could be done via that pie chart / web part.


Chris Riley's picture

Nothing has changed with regards this subject in 2013 that I am aware of.

There may be ways to do what you want but the reporting would need to be done outside of SSR itself. Sorry I don't have better news for you.

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I also had some issues with this but since I've been using the SSR 2013 monitor it's been a lot easier... It's not perfect but it's a big help!

I'm currently using the monitor with SSR 2012 clients, it also works with this version.

Here you can add all your machines (or import them) and have the tool go through them to let you now the status of the backup but also when it was last taken.

So I guess you could adjust the status reporting for the drive(s) of each machine to Errors only to disable the system tray popups after 30 days on the clients and then after they have all been scanned you can sort them on the last run date to get your older then 180 days machines.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Wim, that definatly sounds like something that might be useful alright, there is no worthwhile monitor at all in 2011.  I'm sure theres a means of querying the database behind SSR, but still, you'd think that for an application performing such an important task, that there'd be better monitoring tools designed in. 

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Well you could give it a go, I don't know if the monitor works wih SSR 2011 though.

It's a simple tool but it gives you an overview. I've downloaded the 2013 trial and just installed that part.

Check the screen shot...

Perhaps I should also mention that we don't use the management solution because we've been told that it does not realy give you what you need. sad



SSR 2013 Console.png

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Wim, does that tool allow you to configure the setpoints behind the Pie Chart? I was hoping to have a monitor here in the lab to show the current backup status of the manufacturing area - - having the whole pic chart in yellow doesn't look good, especially when it desnt reflect our backup schedules...

Wim Cossement's picture

Mmm, pie... wink

I'm not realy sure what you mean since I've never used the management console... I guess that pie chart is some sort of report that tells you how many clients there are and what state they are in, right?

As far as I know this monitor just tells you the status that each client is in (depending on it's configuration), it doe not let you define anything.

When you click the View console link you connect to the client and then you can start the backup as you have defined it on the client.

Like this: