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Attack of the multiple domains

Created: 05 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

Morning, or evening to everyone.

My organization is not that large but it is a very complex environment, this has caused some problems when we were implmenting 7.1.  We want to move to 7.5, and I am hoping that I can with the help of you all find a better solution than we are using now.

Currently we have a very horizontal AD forest, 24 separate domains.  We are trying to collapse and combine domains as much as possible but the process is slow and painful.  In 7.1 we use a combination of LDAP and OU imports, that captures the majority, we run into limitations using LDAP, and managing OUs is a full time job as if one is deleted from AD, or a group is added we have to be told so we can add/remove that OU.

Other difficulties.  Some people belong to more than one domain.  This causes problems with support groups and duplicate customers in the database.

So to summarize:

24 separate domains

15000 customers

People may belong to multiple domains.

So how can I get my customers easily and accurately added imported into the system? 

Any advice is much appreciated!


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Just curious is anyone else implmenting this in an evironment with multiple distinct AD trees?