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Attempting to test virtual conversion and SDR recovery

Created: 15 Aug 2014 | 4 comments

Fortunately we're not having an actual disaster. I've tried the backup conversion to virtual machine and the SDR recovery using a boot disc and neither work. It shouldn't be a complicated process but neither is able to function for different reasons.

Conversion to virtual machine (ESXi 5.1):

I start the wizard, enter all of the information required and start the job, it fails immediately with a logon failure. I've tried multiple accounts all of which are administrators in vCenter. Each time it says the user doesn't have access to the target. But if I go to vCenter and log in as that user I can create virtual machines, delete VM's, add storage, move VM's etc. I can't imagine what level of access backup exec needs besides administrator.

A simple way to avoid stuff like this would be to have an option to simply export to VMDK like other products. Then there's no need for any special credentials.

Simplified Disaster Recovery (If only):

Created the custom disk for the virtual machine I wanted to recover. Booted with that disk and started the networking service. Entered all IP information and Symantec complains it can't communicate with the network. If I restart the VM and boot into Windows, the Symantec agent is able to connect to the network so it just seems to be from the boot disk. The default intel driver is loaded, not sure what else I can do as their are very few options.

Anyone have any experience with either of these is BE 2012 would could shed some light on these failures?

Operating Systems:

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Verify BE full updated by running live updates?

Refer to the following documents to review the necessary permissions

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We are on SP4 but are missing the 3 hotfixes that came after it. From reading the hotfix notes, there were not fixes related to either of these areas.

The account I'm using is an administrator in vCenter with every right that is possible.

Is there any plan to simply allow export to VMDK in a future release. Seems like that would be easier to accomplish.

I've read through one of those articles but I'll check out the other.

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a) B2V - 

1) Are you using a paid version of ESX on your host?  BE requires VADP which only comes with the paid version of ESX.

2) Have you tried doing your conversion straight to a ESX host rather than through a vCenter host?

b) SDR -

1) Have you tried setting the network setting of the test VM to bridging mode, rather than NAT?

2) Duplicate your backup set to a USB drive, attached that to the test VM and point your restore to the USB drive.

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Yes, fully licensed VMware environment. Can't do VMware backup without a licensed version.

Have tried doing the conversion straight to a host rather than vCenter, same issue.