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Attribute Lookup Failure

Created: 14 Feb 2010
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I am trying to configure Attribute LDAP Lookup plugin in Vontu 10. I am using endpoint-username as my search parameter. In a new incident, the username is shown in "Domain\username" format. But in our AD we do not have any field which has the value of username in "Domain\username" format.

Please help me in resolving this issure. I have tried with all the below options but none of them worked.

attr.First\ Name = OU=Users,OU=Standard Users:(mailNickName=$endpoint-user-name$):givenName attr.First\ Name = OU=Users,OU=Standard Users:(mailNickName=Domainname\\$endpoint-user-name$):givenName In our AD, mailNickName has the value of username (No domain Name).