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Attributes in Custom Data Classes and Custom Inventory

Created: 06 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I have a question regarding Attributes in Custom Data Classes and Custom Inventory.  I need to create a Custom Inventory that will perform a recursive search under HKLM\Software\Test hive and grab all the information below it.

I can create a VBScript to grab it, but how do I setup the Attributes in the Custom Data Class when there is a chance some computers might have 10 Keys or more under HKLM\Software\Test and under each Key there might be different number of Strings?  I use Custom Inventory today but I have never performed a recursive search and written to the database. 

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You need to set each attribute as Key that will come up with an uniqe (inventory) row.

If you have Attributes as; RegKey, RegEntry, RegValue then RegKey, RegEntry will be Key and RegValue not so it gets updated during next inventory when the value changes.

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Thank you for the suggestion.  I'm very new to SMP 7.1 and I was wondering if you can please look at the screenshot at show me how I would setup the Attributes?  It would be greatly appreciated it.  Thank you again.

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I would setup the Attributes as follow:

RegKey: Key, Required

RegEntry: Key, Required

RegValue: (NOT Key, NOT Required)

Don't forget to set the Length of RegValue to fit the lengthy values.

Example of an inventory would be:

RegKey: HKLM\Software\Test

RegEntry: Environment

RegValue: Production

Also have in mind to take care of the "default" entry (name) as it's "blank".