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Authenticated SMTP

Created: 11 Sep 2009 • Updated: 23 Jun 2010 | 3 comments


We are running "Symantec mail Security for SMTP 5.0" in our environment integrated with UNIX based Messaging Server.

I would like all my users with email client (e.g., outlook) to have Anti-spam BOX as "outgoing mail server" with authentication SMTP.

Is it possible or not? ( i did setup LDAP integration on anit-spam box with our mail server's LDAP service). If yes, please help me implement this.


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Hi Prvnrk,

If you want that users should maintain their aur spam database for that you need to install spam folder agent on your exchange server.

Kindly find the below document for enabling spam folder agent, but the document seems to be supported with SMTP 4.x, SMS for Domino 4.x & SMS for Exchange 4.x.

I would suggest yu to contact Symantec Technical support for more details.


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You can configure your mail server to send to SMS SMTP 5 and have the mail server handle the authentication from the mail client, then the mail server send out through SMS SMTP 5 to be scanned for viruses or spam.

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I don't know much about SMTP 5, but on the appliance you have to specify which IPs can connect to the outgoing IP, but he can specify IP ranges in CIDR notation.

Other than that, its a good idea if they are POP3 clients.