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Authentication Problem

Created: 02 Apr 2012 | 3 comments

We're using SWG as a virtual install, and occasionally see errors where a user is not being authenticated during a browsing session so don't have the correct policy applied, but then a minute later will be authenticated and get the correct policy in the same session.  We set the TTL to 0 from 15 minutes which has helped, but we're still seing the problem occassionally.  Does anyone know if there is a fix or alternative work around for this?



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TSE-JDavis's picture

The fix for this is getting deployed with an upcoming software update. We don't have confirmation on which version, unfortunately.

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Release 5.0.3 was released on the 17th, however the roll-out process will take some time. Maybe this is the release JDavis is referring to.

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Release 5.0.3 will improve the situation, but at the moment, it looks as there are still some cases when this happend. Update to 5.0.3 and also set TTL to 15 min. (because with 0 min. your SWG will have full hands just for authentication).

Vladimir Vucinic
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