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Auto Assign to a Queue after Edit a Incident

Created: 06 May 2014 • Updated: 07 May 2014 | 3 comments

Hi Community

I have a Question....

Under proccess automatization i´ve created some rules to auto assign the tickets after edited, but the only action available for doing this is "Route Incoming Incident" and are not 100% workable for what we need.

Is there a option to create a new Action Rule or Edit the current existing ??

Thanks for the help that you guys can provide me

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This could be done with a "Send Incident to Workflow" action. In the workflow project you would have to change the Queue and the Queue name assigned on the Incident data, remove the current assignments and add new assignment to the group that linked to the Queue.

There is also the "Assign Existing Incident Tasks" action that I believe is new to SD 7.5 SP1, I have not used this yet but it might get you what you need.

If you need more logic to the assignment decision a "Send Incident to Workflow" might be the best opition. The "Send Incident to Workflow" can be found here - or in the Workflow Manager Solution Center.

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Thanks jbrown

I supose that is the best option to do what i need. But i dont know when i have to do those changes. Can you help with more details about it??

Thanks for the help, im new with this..'s picture

For the most part, you'd need to duplicate what's done in the SD.IncidentManagementSimple workflow project. In the primary model, the component "Work/Resolve Incident" has a model for "Reassign Ticket" that you would need to copy and modify slightly to server your purpose. It looks like you'd need pretty much everything from the "Remove Existing Assignments" embedded model on.

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