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Auto Consolidation of Incrementals

Created: 05 Mar 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments

BESR 6.5 - Windows

Im having some issues regarding the autoconsolidation feature. It doesnt work, I have to do it manually.

I have it set for 1 set of recovery points and to auto consolidate every 4hours, but it does not seem to do it. It shows up in the event log, but you can still see the multiple incrementals

Any thoughts of what I could be missing?

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Philip Pearson's picture

After you made that autoconsolidate setting did you give it a clean directory to backup to I have had issues with old sets in the directory in the past.

Ken Mahren's picture
And to further complicate this, I had to move my storage location to a new server and when I try to "clean directory" (for a number of incrementals no longer exist), the console FREEZES up. Seems error routines in BESRS are non-existant and if something is out of wack (which unfortuantely are not that uncommon) the console doesn't know what to do and just freezes, requiring a reboot. You CANNOT just stop and start the service.  I"ve found this "feature" on the client servers also.  Had better sucess on the client machines if I excluded Symantec Anti-Virus from anything to do with BESRS.
But on the other hand, so far once things are set up, I've had sucessfull base and incremental backups and consolidations.