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Auto enable disabled useraccounts\mailboxes

Created: 01 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


I am using EV10.0.3 and I want to make an ex-employee policy.

After a user is not working for the company anymore, it is disabled and hidden from the Exchange GAL and moved to an Active Directory OU named _archive. I created a PG (ex-employee) that provisions users that are in this OU and auto-enables the mailbox

Next I added the registery keys:

ExcludeDisabledADAccounts and ProcessHiddenMailboxes to the EV server and restarted the services.

Investigation turned out that the mailbox is not automatically enabled and is marked as "new mailbox" so it will not archive a thing....

After running the SQL query:

update ExchangeMailboxEntry
Set MbxExchangeState=’0′ where MbxExchangeState=’2′

The mailbox of the user can be enabled.

After the provisioning task is run, the mailbox is hidden again.

After running the archiving task the disabled user can be archived with the normal runs.

Now I want to know how disabled mailboxes can be enabled automatically, running the SQL query and manual activation of the mailbox is no option.

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Hi Marcel,

For the user who left the company, we always recommend customer to follow the below action plan :

1. Move the User to Ex employee OU that is targeted for provisioning group.

2. Restart the provisioning Task.

3. Run the Provisioning the Task in Normal Mode.

4. Check the Provision Task report and search for that User and check for his policy in the report.

5. If you want to archive his mailbox then do not Disable the User account / hide his mailbox until his whole mailbox is archived.

6. Once whole mailbox is archived then Disable that User from EV server for archiving.

7. Then Disable the User mailbox from Exchange.

8. Then Disable his AD Account.