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Auto Inventory or scan

Created: 24 Jun 2013 • Updated: 03 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
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I read somewhere that there is no need to schedule the scan or inventory job ( Not that there is an option any way) in BE2012 as it's now done automatically.

In my case that was true, until for some reason it's no longer happening.

We have a BE 2012Sp1 etc.. installed on Windows 2008R2 with the latest service packs etc.. Dell TL2000 with 2 x LTO6 drives.

If we for some reason we omit the scan or inventory after inserting the tapes, the backup has effectively failed as it's not aware of the additional tapes, All the jobs are placed in queue, I then need to cancel them one by one which takes Hrs. on end. And only then I can run the scan manually or the inventory, effectively missing out on a backup.


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There is no automatic scanning/inventory for tape libraries.  There never was.

After you have inserted the new tapes, you got to scan the library if you are using barcode labels or do an inventory if you are not using barcode labels.

You can schedule an inventory/scan if you use the Windows scheduler to run the BEMCLI cmdlets, Submit-BEInventoryJob/Submit-BEScanJob

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Thanks for that pkh,

That worked.