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Auto Online for storage

Created: 01 Apr 2013 | 5 comments

When the BES detects a storage device go offline, it marks it as such. When the device comes back online, it stays offline until someone manually logs in and switches it to online. How can I make it so that the storage locations auto online when they become available again? A minor network hiccup can kill all of my weekly full backups which run on the weekend.

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Only way I can think of is to run a script that restarts the BE other way to do this through BE itself!


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A minor network hiccup can kill all of my weekly full backups which run on the weekend.

Is your storage on a NAS or some remote device/server?  If this is the case, then BE does not get notified when it is back online, thus the status is not updated.

Other than restarting the BE services, you can schedule a inventory of the device before your job starts.

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In addition to the above comments, here is another alternative.

Create a batch file with the following content ~

powershell.exe -command "&{import-module bemcli;Get-BEDiskStorageDevice  | Set-BEDiskStorageDevice -Disabled $false}"

Add a Windows Scheduler task to run this batch file before the backup starts.

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I have a dozen servers that backup over the weekend. I don't know exactly when one will end so the next will start so scheduling a task is not a solution.

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As pkh has kind of already stated - BE relies on an insert notification status with devices such as USB disks (when locally attached to the media server) that trigger BE into bringing the device online. Remote devices that go offline do not have this trigger mechanism so you have to manually force BE to bring the device back online.

You could get clever with an extension to what VJware posted and have something that finds out if a device is online or offline and then only try to bring the device back online if it is offline. Then schedule this to repeat periodically during the period where you backups might need thee device.