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Auto Rename and Join to Domain

Created: 15 Nov 2013 • Updated: 18 Nov 2013 | 2 comments
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I just came into an environment that uses Altiris 6.9. How it's set up is that you apply the job to install the OS, and then you have to manually rename the computer and join it to Active Directory from the console. Does Altiris not have the capability to handle this itself?  I came from using FOG where it imaged the computer, renamed the computer based on what the name was in the FOG database based on that MAC address, then joined it to the domain. I never had to touch it. I told it to deploy and walked away.

Also, when it gets named during the install, sysprep gives it a crazy name. If you're renaming a lab of 30 computers (a school), then you have no idea what those computers are if Deployment Console updates the names based on what Sysprep created.

I'm assuming that it's simply setup wrong here....I hope.

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Altiris can most certainly rename the PC and join the domain.  Similar to your previous experience, you can stage machines in the database and have the machine take on that name.

One way to achieve this is to enable Prepared using sysprep and 'Automatically perform configuration task after completing this imaging task' in the Distribute Disk Image task.  With both of these enabled, Altiris will inject the machine name into the answer file and join the domain using sysprep.  The configuration task will require the AClient/DAgent to be installed on the machine before it boots for the first time.   


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Awesome, thanks! I'll look into trying this out next week!