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Auto reports that can be scheduled

Created: 14 Apr 2014 | 4 comments

I am just starting to look inot this for a client.

They want reports both backup and restore sent to someone quarterly that show that things are working.

Is this possible?



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Configure a mail recipient within BE as per the TN below:

Once done, it's as simple as figuring out the report you want to run, and then schedule it.


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Yea I did figure out how to add me as a recipient.

Then I right click on a job and say edit then edit again so I can get to the notification option of that job.

We are a consuting outfit and I know we use this part for us to keep track of clients backups and how they went.

But I do not see a place where I can do it quarterly?

I am going to try and see if I can not do this but if there is a way that would be great.



CraigV's picture there not a place where you can run it every 90 days? If not, then I would head on to the Ideas section and put this down there...


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I think you want to include the last 90 days data (i.e. last quarter data) in the custom report. If my understanding is correct, in the custom report's FILTER section, you could try to add a filter using a DATE field and use "In Last (Look Back)" operator. Please refer the attached screenshot. However, it seems you could add/edit filters only in CUSTOM reports. Instead of "Job Start Time" field, you could use "Absolute Time" field also.

The pre-canned reports seem not allowing FILTERS to be changed. But it provides DATE RANGE to be set as per your requirement. Edit a pre-canned report, browse to "Range" section and select the "Days" checkbox and set a value (i.e. may be 90 in your case) to "The # of days before the day the report runs". I think this should help achieving almost your requirement. Please refer the attached screenshot. 

If you wish to have data pertaining to EXACTLY quarterly basis and not every 90 days (a bit of programming involved):

I guess you may be able to achieve the same by using BEMCLI (Powershell) command. I did not try this, but just providing some info on what can be tried.

1. Create a report job (custom or pre-canned), select/deselct servers to be included in this report. Also configure the email recipient as per your need. Do not set any range or filter for the "quarterly" purpose. For schedule, select 'Create without schedule' option.

2. Write a PowerShell script and use the BEMCLI cmdlet called "Invoke-BEReport". This cmdlet accepts an input paramater called "-DaysBefore <integer-number>". Before this command executes, in the script, you could calculate "the # of days since the last quarter end" and use that value for "-DaysBefore" paramater.

3. Schedule this script using Windows Task Scheduler to run quarterly.


BE-Custom-Report-Filter-for-Quarterly-Data.png BE-Precanned-Report-Filter-for-Quarterly-Data.png


Ramesh Bupathy